Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall sweaters....

With the weather getting steadily colder I can't wait for this first breeze and the first time I will search in my closet for my favorite sweatshirt to wear! With that though in mind I present you some of my favorite this years pieces that I fall completely in love with...Which one is your favorite???

Friday, September 12, 2014

Welcome the Fall with...a dance!

New month, new season, new academic calendar...!What one must do when a new era has come? In my case start a new hobby that I wanted to do for a while now... So when the children are buying their new schoolbags, we start to wear our fall outfits and explore the new collections and this year for the first time I am starting to explore the shops with dance equipment! From shoes to special outfits I am just so excited to finally start dance lessons!!! Ok, I had taken some classes in the what makes this one so special? But the kind of dance I am learning..Bollywood!!!

Inspired from the bollywood movies and their playful, cheerful note! Love the fact that each song has a story to tell! I really like bollywood and during the last two years I have seen many movies and I also have started learning Hindi so what's more suitable rather than learning the dance as well! ;)

You can see for yourself on the two videos that follow an example of how fun and playful this type of dance really is! What do you plan to do for exercise this fall?

If you would also like to learn Bollywood dance in Athens you can visit the site of the 1st Bollywood dance Academy in Greece  to learn more! ;)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Black - White and red details...

One of the most elegant combination is black and white with a red detail. Whether the detail lyes at the lipstick or the shoes the outcome is surely amazing! :) Here are two ways to implement these combinations and trust the final result will be amazing! ;)